Principles of Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling is a key component of cooperation between online casinos and customers. We take the possible problems caused by betting and gambling addiction in general very seriously. That is why online casinos protect players from excessive gambling addiction and shield minors from it.

Online casinos and bookmakers, actively position themselves in terms of implementing responsible gaming policy, which is used all over the world. And we recommend only those casinos, which follow the principles of responsible gaming, so that users enjoy the game, not lose control over it.

Maintaining control

It is important to understand that playing in a casino is a game of chance, which is entertainment: you can have a good time, watch the matches, communicate with like-minded people, etc. But, as in any business, it is necessary to observe a measure. All betting participants must remember:

  • Casino gaming is a form of leisure;
  • Don’t be in a hurry to get even when you fail — you’ll still have a chance;
  • bet the money you are willing to spend, don’t borrow and don’t take money for bets that will affect your well-being;
  • control the costs of the game.

Protection of minors

According to the current laws of almost all countries, it is forbidden to place citizens who are under 18 years of age. Failure to comply with this requirement is a violation of the law. Online casinos and slots are not for children and teenagers. Playing for money in trustworthy casinos and betting shops is carried out on presentation of a passport.

Beware! Gambling Addiction

Among the huge number of people, there is a small number of players who suffer from gambling addiction — addiction. Here it is important to remember the following: casino slots are based on the law of probability, so there are no «tactics», «formulas» and «strategies» that guarantee a 100% profit; gambling is just entertainment, do not forget that; the desire to bet, should come only from you.

Recommendations for managing the game:

  • Determine the maximum amount you can spend on the game;
  • Do not borrow money to play casino games;
  • find yourself a new entertainment and combine it with slots;
  • Do not play when you are in a depressed mood or in a depressed state.