Casino Slot Machines: The Mystery of Their Strategy Revealed?

The simple truth is that slot machines are no different from other games of chance. The strategy that casino patrons see is a result of how the slot machine is set up. The strategy of a slot machine can be summarized in four words: ‘pay-to-play’, ‘pay-to-stay’, ‘pay-to-wager’ and ‘pay-to-get-retro-chase’. Casinos have a number of motives for making players pay to play the slot machines. These include the desire to prevent people from coming just to gamble, the desire to increase the time people spend playing at the casino, and the desire to encourage people to stay at the casino longer. The ‘pay-to-play’ strategy is really no different from slot machine to slot machine. The slot machine that you play may be set up in a way that encourages you to stay at the casino and play more often.

Pay to play

One of the most important and frequently overlooked aspects of a slot machine’s set up is the ‘pay to play’ aspect. Many slot machines are set up so that the player is encouraged to put more money into the slot machine. Some machines even have the player sign a waiver saying that they understand the machine may take money from them without their permission. Slot machines that ‘pay to play’ are designed to increase the amount of money a player will play. The more money a player puts into a machine, the more often they will play that machine. The problem with this ‘pay to play’ strategy is that the player is never certain they’ll win any money. There is always the chance that the slot machine will ‘no pay’. This means that the player will put in money, but there will be no payout. When a player is encouraged to play ‘pay to play’, their goal should be to only play enough money to get frequent play credits. The idea is to stop once the player has enough credits to get a small payout.

Slot Machine Strategies: The Mystery of Their Strategy Revealed

Pay to stay

Some slot machines are set up to encourage a player to stay at the machine longer. These machines may even have an ‘extra coins’ feature that gives the player more coins when they put in more money. The ‘pay to stay’ machine is designed to encourage the player to stay at the slot machine for as long as possible. The longer a player stays at the slot machine, the more likely they are to hit a ‘pay’. While there is no guarantee that a player will hit a ‘pay’ on any given spin, the longer they stay at the machine the more they have a chance to hit a ‘pay’. This is because the machine will have had a chance to accumulate enough coins to pay off a player’s credits, even if the player hasn’t hit a ‘pay’ yet.

Pay to wager

A slot machine that ‘wagers’ is set up to encourage the player to lose their money. A ‘wager’ is when a player puts in money and then tries to get it back by predicting the outcome of a spin on the slot machine. The ‘pay to wager’ machine is designed to make it possible to ‘wager’ large sums of money on a single spin. The larger the wager, the higher the chance of a payout. ‘Pay to wager’ is a common strategy in slot machines. Usually, ‘pay to wager’ is combined with ‘pay to play’, where the player is encouraged to put more money into the slot machine, and then is given the option to wager that money.

Pay to get retro-chase

Another important strategy of the slot machine is the ‘pay to get retro-chase’ strategy. This is when a slot machine is set up so that a certain percentage of the time the player gets a ‘retro-chase’. A ‘retro-chase’ is when a slot machine keeps giving the player money after a spin. Usually, this happens after the player has lost their money, but the slot machine keeps giving money. A ‘pay to get retro-chase’ is designed to get the player to keep playing the machine. The slot machine keeps giving money, even after the player has lost their money. The percentage of ‘pay to get retro-chases’ can vary. It can be as high as 60% or as low as 0%.

The key to slot machine success is learning how the slot machine works

Success in casinos is not about luck or programming a computer to spit out random sequences of numbers. Success in casinos is about understanding how the slot machine works, and using that understanding to your advantage. When you encounter a slot machine in a casino, look at the ‘pay to play’, ‘pay to stay’, ‘pay to wager’ and ‘pay to get retro-chase’ indicators. If one of them is strong you’ll want to play that machine. However, don’t be blind to the weaknesses of each machine. Try to play each machine a few times to get a feel for how it works.


The key to enjoying playing slot machines is learning how each machine is set up. If you understand how each machine works, you’ll have a much better chance of success.